Active Sunscreen

Innovative water-free technology gives you broad spectrum sun protection all day, with one easy application

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Customer reviews

"I have sensitive skin so am particular about what products I use. Active Sunscreen guaranteed that a day at the beach, with only one application, didn't end in tears. At my children's cricket matches everyone wants it, as kids out on the field don't want to have to worry about re-applying."

Anne Clark

"We find Active Sunscreen fantastic for the whole family. It works well when the kids are in and out of the water and it's very handy for school because you can apply it in the morning and know the kids are sun-safe all day. We especially like that we can use Active Sunscreen on our daughter who has eczema."

Meredith and Shayne

"I wasn’t aware of how poorly performing my previous sunscreens were. I do a lot of cycling and could always feel some ‘burn’ on my skin. However, with Active there is nothing. Complete protection and the best sunscreen I have ever used."

Toni Adams

"We are avid surfers and spend long hours in the surf and water. Murray took Active Sunscreen to Indonesia with him and had fantastic protection. We enjoy both the consistency and application sensation of your product."

M&R Smith

"The only sunscreen hassle in our house these days is when we can’t find the Active pottle. The kids hate to use other kind now. They were won over by the ‘only once all day’ promise. Now they like how it goes on, and how it never seems to wear off. So do we: brilliantly liberating. No burns, ever. Not even all-day beach sessions."

Naomi O'Connor

"Racing a yacht from Auckland to Fiji in a small boat in the open ocean it is really easy to neglect yourself, often with serious consequences. Once a day I applied Active Sunscreen. On arrival 11 days later not even my nose was burnt! Better still there was no sign of the rash I typically get from other suncreams."

Geoff Bates

"One application of Active Sunscreen works for an entire hot sweaty day, so one pottle lasts a long time. If your skin feels greasy, you have put too much on. It works well as a lip salve and to help ward off soggy feet. I normally hate the sensation of sunscreen; I found Active Sunscreen a big improvement on anything else I’ve tried."

Robin McNeill

I love Active Sunscreen so much. As a Preschool Teacher, you know it’s a win when children ask to have sunscreen on and only want yours. Not those of other brands. Its single application works on the fairest skin and has kept me burn free in over 30•C heat in Samoa. It’s a definite must have. Thanks Active for making life so much easier.