Our Team

Active Sunscreen was developed in New Zealand over a 20-year period by Dr Brian Wilkins, to overcome the problem of sunscreens not staying on the skin.  After considerable trial and error Brian, with Dr Keryn Johnson, succeeded in developing the water-free gel technology that gives you broad spectrum sun protection all day, with one easy application. Meet the Active Sunscreen team.

Circular image of Brian WilkinsDr Brian Wilkins
Brian is the scientific visionary - he came up with the idea for our product. He's been around a while, and likes to say that scientists never retire. A man of many talents, he's keen on golf, has researched cricket swing bowling, and recounted how he got that scar on his forehead during his Himalayan mountaineering.

Image of Dr Keryn JohnsonDr Keryn Johnson
Keryn's got a big brain. He's a biochemistry research scientist, after all. Away from his white coat and lab experiments, he spends a lot of time outdoors - you should see his lush garden - and time with his family. The highlight of his year is casting his rod into the breakers on a summer evening.

Image of Emma WilkinsEmma Wilkins
Emma is the epitome of that saying 'If you want something done, ask a busy person.' If she's not whipping up packed lunches and birthday cakes for her children, she's dancing a jig (literally) or meeting friends for coffee. To relax she strides off for a good walk, preferably up a hill for a great view of Wellington harbour.